translated from Spanish: What happened on a day like today?

World.- In the ephemeris of this June 22, several important ones that marked the history of humanity stand out, for example: in 1928, José Farabundo Martí joins the Army Defender of the National Sovereignty of Nicaragua of Augusto César Sandino.On the same date, but in 1994, the United Nations organization authorizes the French intervention in Rwanda to stop the genocide between the Hutu peoples (farmers) and the Tutsi (winners)
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What are the ephemeris of June 22?
1675.- Foundation of the Greenwich Observatory, during the reign of Charles II of England.1792.- Assassination of the governor of Yucatán (Mexico), Lucas de Gálvez.1815.- Napoleon abdicates for the second time, end of the government of the Hundred Days after the defeat of Waterloo.1898.- U.S. troops disembark in Cuba and the capitulation of Santiago occurs.1911.- Coronation of George V of England.1928.- The first international telephone line is inaugurated in Chile , communicates Santiago with Mendoza (Argentina), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Montevideo (Uruguay).1933.- The German National Socialist authorities forbid the German Social Democratic Party SPD.1940.- World War II: France surrenders to Nazi Germany. Read more: WhatsApp tries to regain users’ trust with “Send private messages”1941.- World War II: German Army invades Soviet Union.1965.- Vietnam War: first U.S. airstrike in northern Hanoi.1970.- El Salvador and Honduras agree to create a three-kilometer demilitarized zone on either side of the border.1971.- President Juan José Torres declares a state of emergency in Bolivia to prevent a coup d’état.1973.- Return to the T.T.- Return to the T the crew of the “Skylab” is missing after a spaceflight of 28 days.1983.- The Spanish-Argentine mathematician Luis Antonio Santaló obtains the Prince of Asturias Award for Scientific and Technical Research.1986.- World Cup in Mexico: Maradona makes a goal with his hand, “the hand of God”, against the British team.1990.- Dismantled the “Checkpoint Charlie”, the most popular crossing point of the Berlin Wall.1994.- The UN authorizes French intervention in Rwanda to stop the genocide .2001.- Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, in prison since 1993, are released for murdering the 10-year-old Boy James Bulger in Bootle (United Kingdom).2004.- In Peru, 700 students take over the National University of Trujillo, demanding the resignation of the rector and vice-rectors for corruption. Read more: They will dominate the world: Building built in China in 29 hours2005.- Colombia approves the Justice and Peace Law, which regulates the reintegration of those who surrender their weapons.2010.- Longest tennis match in history. The American John Isner (winner) and the French Nicolás Mahut played a match of 11 hours, 6 minutes and 23 seconds, between June 22 and 24 and 183 games were played.2012.- Rajá Pervez Ashraf, elected Prime Minister of Pakistan.2012.- The Paraguayan Senate dismisses the president of the country, Fernando Lugo, and Federico Franco assumes the Presidency.2013.- The U.S. accuses Edward Snowden of espionage and asks Hong Kong to arrest him.2019.- Bangkok declaration to combat pollution in the seas.Who was born on June 22?
1906.- Billy Wilder, American filmmaker.1910.- Konrad Zuse, German engineer, creator of the first digital computer, the Z3.1911.- Emilio Grau Sala, Spanish painter.1922.- Mauro Bolognini, Italian film director and set designer.1932.- Soraya, former imperial of Iran.1936.- Kris Kristoferson, American singer and actor.1939.- Ada Yonath, Israeli chemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry.1943.- Klaus Maria Brandauer, Austrian actor.1945.- Pere Gimferrer, Spanish poet, philologist and writer.1949.- Mery l Streep, American actress.1962.- Álvaro Urquijo (“The Secrets”), Spanish singer and composer.1964.- Dan Brown, American writer.1966.- Emmanuelle Seigner, French actress.Who died on June 22?
1969.- Judy Garland, American actress and singer.1976.- Fofó (Alfonso Aragón), Spanish clown.1984.- Joseph Losey, American film director.1987.- Fred Astaire, dancer and American actor.1989.- Lee Calhoun, American athlete, Olympic champion.1999.- Eugenio Florit, Cuban poet.2004.- Robert William Bemer, American pioneer of computer programming.2006.- Peter Russell, British Hispanist.2015.- Laura Antonelli, Italian actress.2020.- Joel Schumacher, American filmmaker.2020.- Steve Bing, American producer

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