translated from Spanish: Spokesman to Boric after “warning” to Piñera: “It is a rhetorical trick (…) those who investigate are the Prosecutor’s Office and courts, not the candidates”

The minister spokesman for the government, Jaime Bellolio, referred to the debate between Gabriel Boric (FA) and Daniel Jadue (PC) held last night on CHV/CNN Chile, criticizing the deputy’s warning to President Sebastián Piñera.Boric alluded to the social outburst and said that “know that, whoever is responsible, we are going to pursue them nationally and internationally with all the law, so, Mr. Piñera, you are warned.” The spokesman for La Moneda argued that “about last night’s debate I did indeed see it and I understand that this was like a conversation between friends, I did not see that there was much difference between them and unfortunately none of them was categorical in condemning the systematic violations of human rights that occur in countries that are ideologically close to them such as Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and could count endlessly.” The only one who made a difference in this regard was precisely Deputy Boric, who also condemned the dictatorship of Nicaragua and in that it is obviously worth the point of saying that we are already in a moment that there must be a single standard,” Bellolio added. And what that standard: a dictatorship is not compatible with democracy, it is the opposite and every time there is a violation of human rights it has to be rejected, whether in the past, in the present or in those that may exist in the future,” he added. However, what the deputy is doing is a rhetorical trick, because in a democracy, as he well knows, those who investigate possible violations of human rights are the prosecutor’s office and courts, not the candidates,” he emphasized. Therefore, if they happened in Chile, we saw that there were regrettable events, some that were abuses and possible violations of human rights have to be investigated by the prosecutor’s office and then sanctioned by the courts so that none of those cases go unpunished,” Bellolio said. No, no, justice does not threaten, justice is done and enforced, and in a democracy it is done with the prosecutors who investigate and justice is what sanctions, not the candidates.” 

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