translated from Spanish: Banfield formed a subcommittee of falklands ex-combatants

The Banfield Athletic Club will have, by decision of its Board of Directors, a Subcommission of former malvinas combatants. Veterans will begin working on various social aspects within the club. The initiative was completed when a group of former soldiers met with President Lucía Barbuto and the directors Ignacio Uzquiza, Jorge Di Prinzio, Ricardo Ferrer and Claudio Locuoco, at the Florencio Sola stadium.The treasurer of the club, Ignacio Uzquiza, explained the foundations of this idea: “It is a contribution that we want to give from the club to keep alive the memory of what was the war and more than anything live the memory of the claim of sovereignty.”
On the other hand, Pablo Ale, one of the ex-combatants, was expectant about the initiative: “It is a joy and a pride that they are always remembering us, the recognition is a great caress that they make us, I am proud to belong to the club”. Jorge Altieri, another of our heroes from Malvinas banfileño, stressed the importance of the project: “I think it is very good because in that way we continue to keep the flame lit on the Malvinas issue. These issues must continue to be said so that young people and children in schools can remember what was done, that 2 April 1982 was not in vain.” We appreciate you being gave us this space, it’s a day that marked me in life. 39 years ago I arrived in Buenos Aires (malvinas) and today the club invites me to a breakfast. I am grateful from the heart, it is a gift that gives me life,” recalled Francisco Leta, another of those involved.

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