translated from Spanish: Two mendoza dads adopted a girl with leukemia who was abandoned

The information came from Mendoza, where the newspaper Los Ándes narrated the story of love and resilience of this family, which today celebrates the recovery of Bianca. It all began when Gastón Fernández, who was chief resident of the Notti Hospital, met Bianca, a three-year-old girl hospitalized with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and who also had a maturational delay. The girl was finishing one of the stages of chemotherapy, she was stable, but alone. Since her family had left her during treatment. At that time Gaston and his partner were looking for information about surrogacy of the womb outside the country. But upon learning the baby’s story, the couple approached the hospital to meet Bianca and they both began the procedures to try to adopt her. According to Gaston, Daniel did everything he could to find the court that had the case. Finally, after an extensive struggle, the couple received the news of the Adoption Registry, which made the adoption of the child official. Today, they are a family and Bianca Delfina González Fernández is 11 years old and was discharged, after spending much of her life in the Notti and in a home of Godoy Cruz.

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