translated from Spanish: The Transvestite Labor Quota is law: 55 affirmative, 1 negative and 6 abstentions

The bill to promote access to formal employment for transvestites, transsexuals and transgender people entered the Senate and on June 24 the vote was carried out after an extensive debate in which an affirmative result was given with a huge difference in favor. The vote resulted in a favourable result of 55 votes in favour, 1 against and 6 abstentions, in which several objections were presented on one of the main articles of the draft that was adopted.
In this way, the end of a debate is reached and Argentina takes a step forward in the rights of the collective, one of the most punished since allegations were made that more than 80% of trans people say that job searches are particularly hostile situations. This new regulation consists of allocating 1% of the positions of the public administration to this population, foreseesincentivos by hiringfor the private companies, being raised as “a new milestone in the historical struggle of the trans collective for the whole region”.” Latin America looks to Argentina to know how to move forward with their rights and that happens because here there are social organizations that generate consensus,” said Martina Ansardi, coordinator of Contratá Trans, in a dialogue with, before the vote is carried out.

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