translated from Spanish: By mistake, woman receives in her account almost a billion dollars

home international By mistake, woman receives in her account almost a billion dollars

United States.- Julia Yonkowski went to an ATM in Florida, United States, to withdraw 20 dollars, approximately 400 Mexican pesos, and found that her bank account had almost a billion dollars, or 20 billion pesos.
The woman told local media that she was an overnight billionaire, when she only wanted to withdraw a few dollars from the cashier, which she considered a “dangerous mistake.”
“Oh my God! I was terrified. I know many would think it was amazing luck, but I was scared. I’m scared that it’s a cyber threat,” he said.

He immediately contacted a bank executive to explain what happened and return the money, but no one attended to it, and said he will keep it until the situation is clarified, because that money does not belong to him.
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The bank’s spokesman said that the 999 million 985 thousand 855.94 dollars was not a positive balance, but on the contrary, a negative one, of almost a billion dollars. Speaking to WFLA, the man explained that Julia’s account showed a negative balance as extreme as a fraud prevention method used to freeze an account, which is why Julia could not withdraw money.

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