translated from Spanish: Check if you were selected as a board member for the July 18 Presidential Primary

As determined by the Law, this June 26 were published the payrolls of board members appointed by the Electoral Boards. These are 82,607 voters who will have to fulfill this important democratic role on July 18, the day of the Presidential Primary Elections.
The members make possible the electoral process in the suffrage, the counting and transparent throughout the day of elections. At the meeting, an urgent appeal was made to those who were designated as members of the polling station, first reviewing their electoral data in to know if they were appointed in this work, and then to attend the constitution of their tables on Saturday, July 17 at 15:00 hours in their respective polling places.
The Rules and Instructions issued in agreement by the Board of Directors of Servel establish that:

People 60 years of age or older.
Pregnant women throughout the gestation period.
Parent of a son or daughter under the age of two.
Those who work as caregivers or caregivers for older adults or people with special needs, with dependence or disabilities, and those who work in long-stay facilities for older adults (Eleam).

They can excuse themselves as a member before the Electoral Boards of their electoral district, in person or via email. The list of Juntas can be revealed here.
Likewise, those who have any of the grounds considered in the law can be excused until Thursday, July 1:

Be the member included among the grounds for incapacity referred to in Article 45 of Law No. 18.700 or have been designated a member of the Scrutinizing College.
Be absent from the country or settled in a distant locality more than 300 kilometers or with which there are no expedited communications, a fact that will qualify the respective Electoral Board.
To have to perform on the same days and hours of operation of the Bureaux, other functions entrusted to law No. 18.700.
Be physically or mentally unable to perform the function, a circumstance that must be accredited with a medical certificate.
Perform work in hospital establishments on the same days as the Voting Tables, which must be accredited by a certificate from the director of the respective health establishment.

Regarding participation, the President of the Board of Directors of Servel, Andrés Tagle commented: “In a Primary those who convene are the parties that are participating in it and obviously not all political sectors are on this occasion. In 2013, 22.6% of eligible citizens participated in that primary and in 2017 13.8%, which is why today we have proceeded to merge the tables. The turnout in the primaries is much lower and the merger of the tables is to better serve the voters, but taking precautions not to have crowds. The rules and the health protocol, which is the same as in previous elections and which has worked, are now published.”
Likewise, Máximo Pavez, Secretary General of the Presidency said: “The elections are made largely by the members of the table, citizens who attend in a responsible way, with a lot of family effort to be able to contribute to the civic day as we know it in Chile and in the world, that is, an example”.
If you have doubts or want to know more information about the board members, you can access more background on the new website provided by Servel for these elections:, and through the direct links and The site also considers the necessary information for Chileans with electoral domicile abroad, who will be able to vote for these primaries, through the vote of Chileans abroad.
It is important to remember that persons who do not attend to perform their duties commit an electoral infraction, which can be punished with a fine for municipal benefit ranging from 2 to 8 U.T.M, according to article 151 of Law No. 18,700.

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