translated from Spanish: Marko Cortés accuses Morena’s government of complicity with organized crime

Mexico .- The national president of the National Action Party (PAN), Marko Cortes on Sunday accused Morena of having “complicity” with organized crime organizations by showing passive and not taking actions to pursue and catch criminals. Through a communique, the political leader stressed that during the month of May there was the highest incident of violence with 2,963 homicides, being this period, “one of the bloodiest” so far in the six-year term of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.” It seems that the government of Morena maintains a pact with organized crime, because it neither pursues nor arrests criminal groups, “denounced Marko Cortés.Read more: INE recruits the 287 thousand citizens who will organize the popular consultationIn this, he urged the need to establish a specific strategy against criminal groups, in which all the intelligence apparatuses of the State are involved , the National Guard, FGR, the Navy and the Army.The PAN pointed out that the current administration at the head of morena, has shown incompetence in matters of security, which has become increasingly notorious, when official figures account for its disappointing performance, for high-impact crimes such as murders, kidnappings, extortions, femicides , rape and human trafficking, which have been on the rise, and so far, “there is no specific strategy.” We are reaching the middle of the six-year term and we do not see results in terms of security. There is no progress, on the contrary, criminal groups are gaining more ground in the face of the passivity and complicity of the federal government. It is disappointing what we are experiencing with a government that promised to pacify the country and provide us with security. Unfortunately, they failed us again,” Cortes said. Ola surprises citizen in Colima

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