translated from Spanish: Berni on the accident on Route 2: “The driver said he tried to clean the tarnished windshield”

In the early hours of Tuesday, on Route 2 near Chascomús, a bus carrying a total of 42 people overturned, of which two died and 38 were taken to the local hospital. Hours after the fact, the Minister of Security of the province of Buenos Aires, Sergio Berni, told the press that the bus “apparently transported more people than allowed” and that all the injured “are well taken care of.” Apparently (the driver) says that the glass would have been tarnished at that time, that obviously at this time of year there is fog, but the statement says that he tried to clean the windshield because it was tarnished,” the official explained about what was reconstructed by the protagonists. In addition, those traveling in it reported that the vehicle was driven at high speed. Now, Berni said that he will speak “with the prosecutor to see how the investigation continues,” since “we will have to see if it was governed by national or provincial legislation.” Finally, he added that “according to which jurisdiction the collective depends” it will be determined whether or not it complied with the protocol that establishes a maximum capacity of occupants in each unit.
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