translated from Spanish: López-Gatell vs López-Gatell: they exhibit their contradictions in shortage of oncologist medicines

Mexico.- After the controversy generated by what Hugo López-Gatell, undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, said on the program Chamuco TV, where he explained that behind the parents who demonstrate before the shortage of oncological drugs for their children there are groups of political and economic interest, at the end of the morning conference of the National Palace , the official softened his speech on the subject. Before this, on Twitter, the influencer Vampipe put face to face the two moments, tying the conversation that López-Gatell had with the moneros of the Day with the statements he made this morning in which he emphasizes that, both he and the federal government, empathize and sympathize with the relatives of children with cancer who have come out to protest their lack in the health services of the Mexican State. In the publication, the well-known critic of the government of the Fourth Transformation, contrasts what the undersecretary of Health mentioned at first, where he denies that there is a shortage of cancer treatments. Next, he makes the comparison with what Lopez-Gatell said about the government working to get the drugs to treat the disease. Read more: Government stands in solidarity with parents of children with cancer; criticism was for politicians: Lopez-Gatell During this situation, Vampipe questioned the health official about which of the two statements made by himself about cancer medicines is true or false; whether they are lacking or not, he stressed that one must necessarily be falsehood. On Monday, López-Gatell was once again a trend on social networks and a topic of conversation in the media after chamuco TV, in the program of the moneros of La Jornada, referring to the “narrative” of the protests to manifest the shortage of oncological drugs, he related it to coups d’état that have arisen in Latin America , stating that, from the federal government, this speech was increasingly seen as “a campaign” of international right-wing groups. In this speech, he maintained that political and economic groups profit from the pain of parents who struggle to get the necessary medicines for their children suffering from cancer, seeking only their own interest. For their part, the parents of children with cancer completely condemned what López-Gatell said, while inviting him to investigate the concept of a “coup d’etat.”

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