translated from Spanish: Riquelme spoke again and left several headlines

Boca Juniors vice president Juan Roman Riquelme spoke today about the club’s pass market, his relationship with Carlos Tevez, the performance of the xeneize team. 
Boca’s pass market”Boca has an obligation to bring in 11 players? I am being too clear and honest, I repeat, we dream of winning the Cup and we compete until the end to win it and we will do everything we can, but we will never lie to you. We want to bring in good players, compete better and better, but the peso doesn’t have the same value as the dollar and we have these problems that are not minimal.” By Roger (Martinez) is talked about every day and a thousand players. I like it, as well as Cavani, Di Santo, a lot, but from there to what we can is something else. If then it doesn’t reach you what you’re going to do, if you can’t you can’t.” We talked to a lot. We dreamed of Cavani because he told us he wanted to play here and he renewed at United, so let’s wait until next year to see what happens. Advíncula, Di Santo, but we talked to St. Lawrence twelve days ago on the phone and then never again. We always want to have more and we’re going to try.” 
The departure of Tevez and his relationship with the “Apache””Carlos is very important. When we arrived at the club they thought it wasn’t continuing. I love him very much, that’s why I don’t like it when I hear tevez say we didn’t want him. He made a decision not to be at the club and I am very happy that he was able to retire with the football shirt and playing, which is not the same thing that happened to me. He was playing every game. Good, bad or regular, but playing ball with the Boca shirt and not like when we arrived we were not playing. That makes me very happy.” “I understand the game but I heard many times that Riquelme and Tevez don’t have a good relationship, and that’s not the case. I have a good relationship with him, I love him very much, and I take care of things if I don’t do well with someone. He knows I love him very much and I know him as a kid. I have a very good relationship with Carlos. I want him to rest, to be happy and if one day he feels like coming back he has the doors open.” 
The management and objectives of the squad”I look at the results and we won two of three tournaments, we reached the semi-finals with Racing (Copa de La Liga) and the Libertadores. And I say… the pucha, we do not come out last or before last. And the others, what do they have left then? We know it’s Boca they have to talk all day about Boca and it’s beautiful that they talk all day about my team.” The Libertadores is very important, of course, and we have wanted to win it for a long time. We have confidence, we know that people trust us, that it is not normal what is going to happen. Because we know that it is not normal for you to play the first official match of the semester and it is for the Copa Libertadores. You don’t see Barcelona coming back from the holidays and playing in the Champions League. They used to have several League games. The normal thing is that they give you three or four championship games and if Briasco gets three goals they will say that he arrives strong in the Copa Libertadores.” We are not going to be in the same condition, the Brazilians play every weekend and we will face them without having made a game. The advantage is greater, but we have no doubt that we are going to compete and we are sure that we will pass the phase”.

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