translated from Spanish: The first date of Freestyle Combat in Peru is coming

After two incredible dates in Argentina, next Saturday, July 17 comes the first edition of Combate Freestyle in Peru, which will have as protagonists the main references of its scene.Como host and DJ will be Metz and Dmandado, respectively, two of the most outstanding in the Peruvian mainstream during the past year and so far in 2021, and the competitors will be Skill, Zakia, Choque, Jaze, Strike, Venti and Jota.
The format of the competition will be the same as always: a seven to punch of which, after a certain amount of time, the four that have won the most matches will go to the semifinals. Those meetings will last, following the spirit of the seven to punch format, two innings each MC and the result of each of them will be determined by a body of judges made up of Klibre, Vellutino and D’Jango. It is important to clarify that, for this 2021 season, Combate Freestyle will have an international edition in which the winners of each of the dates in each country will participate. So far we only know that MP and Larrix, the Argentine champions, will be present, and we have to wait and see what happens in the editions of Peru, Chile and Mexico.

The first edition of Combate Freestyle in Peru will be able to be seen live on YouTube or through Canal Space at 8 p.m. in Argentina.

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