translated from Spanish: Five questions to Martin Seipel, the director behind the video for “2:50” remix

Martin Seipel was the director of the video “2:50” remix, the mya theme that featured Duki and Tini. A week after its publication follows in first place of Youtube trends, with more than 12 million views. Seipel had recorded the original version of the original song for Sony Music Argentina, and this time its remix version was released. The video was produced by Trendo Team and was made in a locations in Zona Oeste with an American garage aesthetic. 
The young director began his career filming travel short films all over the world just for fun. In 2018 he began working as a music video director for the Disney Channel series “Bia”. In July 2020 during the pandemic he managed to film some commercials for the launch of the Disney+ platform, starring Tini, Sebastian Yatra, Isa Souza, Gabriella Saraivah, Ale Sergi, among others. He also worked with artists such as Ruggero, MYA, El Purre, Emilia, Mati Gomez. In December 2020 the music video ‘Mya ft. Emilia – Histeriqueo’ won the ‘Buenos Aires Music Video Festival Award, Favorite Video’. 

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I was born in Lomas de Zamora, south of Buenos Aires, where I currently live, but I grew up in Rafael Calzada. From a very young age I liked sports, I could not stay still and I did all the activities I could, in one of the ones I specialized in the most were acrobatics. I met a group of friends who danced breakdance in a square, in 2005 there was a very big national movement in terms of hip hop / breakdance / mc’s / graffiti and just sprouted the generation of Youtube. I recorded the videos for myself and my friends, we wanted to show what we did to have recognition in different bboys competitions.
Over time I mixed the dance with the video because I felt a connection between the two movements, and I filmed many Argentine dancers before I met singers. I am also very passionate about travel and in one of these I met two Disney artists, Guido Penelli and Sebastian Athié, who gave me the opportunity to film their first video clips with Javi Eloy, another actor of the company. After getting together with them it became a wheel that until today (luckily) never stopped, they recommended me to each other and became increasingly large productions.

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The experience with Bia was incredible, going from working with a team of 5 people to stepping on a set of more than 60 members without counting actors or extras. That was the most shocking thing, the Disney school gave me a lot of learning at the level of details and communication with the different departments such as art, costumes, and even post-production, because within the role of director you face the project from scratch.
Today I continue to work with some projects of the Disney Plus platform, but from Bia I took many friends and beautiful memories.

I met Maxi and Agus on a Ruggero shoot of a song they did together, called “Just 12 o’o’o’t.” It was a very entertaining shoot, from there came a lot of good vibes and we already have several anecdotes that emerged from other videos of them such as “Histeriqueo”, a song they did with Emi Mernes and we put together a road movie with different locations and won an award at the Buenos Aires Music Video Fest. Last year, as soon as the pandemic hit, we recorded the video for the original “250,” which starred El Purre and Male Ratner. What these video clips have in common is that they were recorded with very few days of pre-production.
In the case of “250 REMIX” with Tini and Duki, the boys’ manager, Esteban Noguera, called me on a Saturday at 11 p.m. to show me the track, and on Tuesday we were already shooting the video. It was crazy. The key is to have a good team that understands and that has good vibes, but without neglecting professionalism.

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It is the first time I record a video that in a week reaches 10 million views, the repercussions in terms of quality and aesthetics were very good and we do not know in what number it can end because the day of the premiere was already #2 in global trends of Youtube.
I always try to be a little attentive to what the audience thinks while taking care of the aesthetics and style of the artists, they are videos that at least exceed one million views and have to be ready in detail. With the MYA we were messaging each other all week without being able to believe everything what was going on.

Many different projects are coming and very different genres, I try not to pigeonhole myself into a particular style, I like that the aesthetics vary. I think that goes a little bit with the way I am, I like to change and not always stay in the same place, that’s what I try to do with my work. 
As for the artists, in recent months we have been working hard with Emilia Mernes, but also something very different is coming with La Sole, and in the filming of “250” something very co-opted with Duki was generated that for now I can not tell anything but it will surprise a lot. The music scene in Argentina is making noise again internationally and it is good that we support each other, it is proving that all artists can collaborate in all areas and genres.

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Martin Seipel

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