translated from Spanish: Mark González and attack suffered on the hill: “In the video you can hear ‘I’m going to give you a few shots'”

The former striker of the Chilean national team, Mark Gonzalez, spoke with the morning of Channel 13, Bienvenidos, where he and his family discussed the attack on Loma Larga hill where he said that there were death threats made to him. The former crusader related that “since I saw that they started to go down, I thought ‘this will get ugly’, because of the death threats and in the video you can hear ‘I’m going to shoot you’. It was all blablablá, all threat. They didn’t care about anything and Maura’s friend took the kids, there I started throwing stones, but it was to buy time so that the children could leave the condo.” They had sticks and machetes, but who knows if they had a gun,” he added. González said that “I was going to do a family walk, as we usually do every week and it was one more day. That day we invited two friends of ours, we were happy as a normal day and about 100 meters away there is talk of private property, but we in the condominium have a direct access to the hill and before that we heard a bullet. We walked into the hill and met another family and they said ‘be careful because they just threatened us with a bullet. We reached 100 meters and we returned.’ I didn’t think about coming back, because we always go, and we go 30 meters and people show up and they start verbally assaulting us. They were clean doodle, to flaite it towards Maura, because it was going forward, and they started to run down.” At the time I thought ‘this will get ugly’, but I was always peaceful, and I tried to stay calm to know how far we could go. They say my dog assaulted them, but he was the one who participated the least… To me the video fell from the sky, because my dog did not defend me. They told us to leave, it was like they were hiding something,” the former striker added. Along these lines, he maintained that “we always go, and I have a lot of messages from people who talk about this gentleman on horseback, and that there have been bullets and people who have been chased with machetes,” he added. I broke down when I was noticing injuries, because they told me that my son took a iron because he wanted to go and defend myself,” Gonzalez said.

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