translated from Spanish: Police officers recognized in Los Mochis, Sinaloa

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- “The police uniform is not worn by anyone and you make it shine. We are deeply grateful for your courage and dedication to our community.” The previous sentence was captured on a canvas with the photograph of five elements of the Municipal Police of Ahome who received recognition from the neighbors of the Prados del Sur subdivision, located east of the city of Los Mochis.
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They are the patrolman Armando Javier Valenzuela Ochoa; the shift leaders José Humberto Bacasegua Gastélum, Luis Gerardo Anaya Zavala and José Antonio Cota Ruiz; as well as the head of Quadrant 07, Joaquín Mendívil Cruz.Read more: They reinforce the fight against Covid-19 in the municipality of Ahome, SinaloaThe event was held in a park of the sector and was chaired by the president of Prados del Sur, Rafael Hernández Franco; the merchant Ángel Márquez, and on behalf of the Municipal Police, the commanders Luis Villegas and Alexis Anduaga; in addition to the president of the New Horizon, Herlinda Soto.

The recognition was due to the excellent work carried out by the officers in charge of Mendívil Cruz in Quadrant 07, as well as the prompt response and good results that the policemen have had in time they have been working in that sector. Read more: DIF Sinaloa awaits the call to carry the Inclusive Beach Program in AhomeSiomara Gastélum, merchant and organizer, offered a few words of thanks and after the event a meeting was held with the agents and neighbors of the place.

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