translated from Spanish: Carrio dropped his candidacy for having “failed” in the attempt at unity

Elisa Carrio announced this Saturday that she will not be part of the next legislative elections as a candidate, in line with what Patricia Bullrich said hours before but for the City of Buenos Aires.” Having confirmed the candidacy of Facundo Manes, my participation as a candidate in the province of Buenos Aires lacks historical meaning and my sacrifice would be useless,” said ‘Lilita’. 

Having failed in the attempt at Unity, I renounce any candidacy. Argentina cannot split and Together for Change cannot become a war of political positions.
(Follows) — Elisa Lilita Carrió (@elisacarrio)
July 3, 2021

This same day in the morning, Carrio made public her photo along with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Miguel del Sel “in search of unity” in the province of Santa Fe.In a statement, the founder of the CC said that her intention to be a candidate was linked to “the Unity of the Argentines and Together for Change,” adding: “Having failed in the attempt at Unity, I renounce any candidacy.”

The founder of the space along with Mauricio Macri and Ernesto Sanz called attention so that Together for Change does not become “a war of political positions.”

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