translated from Spanish: Gloria Carrá to Masterchef Celebrity 3: “Apply to me, I have good faith”

Gloria Carrá could be among the figures joining Masterchef Celebrity 3. And so he expressed it in the last hours while dening his gastronomic skills, key to be part of the competition. He told this in a dialogue with Juan Etchegoyen for Mitre Live, to whom he denied having received the proposal of Telefé to join the television kitchen. “Hey, I cook well,” acknowledged the actress and singer.

“I was never tempted to Masterchef but I cook well. I think the format is good, I saw the outsiders, I didn’t see them. I listen to the comments and sometimes I see something that they upload to Instagram, I never saw it all, but I think it’s fun. Apply to me, I have good faith,” he said.

Gloria said that her daughter Amelia -from her relationship with the actor Luciano Cáceres- has been a vegetarian for more than a year “so I have to search to cook for her”. “I do very well everything that is salty with what can be innovated, tasted; with the sweet I don’t get along because he needs the right measures,” he said. About Masterchef Celebrity – which reached 20 rating points program by program – the actress noted that “it’s fun” and “if you like to cook it has its charm.” People are hooked,” he said, reminding him of a personal anecdote: “The other day, I went to the fishmonger’s shop to shop and the one who serves me asked me: ‘what? don’t you go to Masterchef?’ and he said, ‘I was hooked, I’m entertained.'” “I think it’s good to watch something that entertains and amuses you,” he closed, leaving completely open the possibility of joining in a third season.Who can join Masterchef Celebrity 3?
While Telefé’s plans are currently destined for La Voz Argentina and then in a second season of Bake off, reality about pastry with the conduction of Paula Chaves, some names have already been known that are being considered to join the kitchen, a program that could return to the screen in 2022.

Among them: Wanda Nara -who even the jury and pastry chef Damián Butelar already said he wants her in the competition-, Santiago Maratea, Mauro Szeta, Rodrigo Noya, Eugenia Tobal, Migue Granados, Oscar Ruggeri, Sofía “Jujuy” Jiménez, and more.

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