translated from Spanish: SeCultura Morelia, promoted community development through artistic workshops

Morelia, Michoacán.- The Government of Morelia, through its Ministry of Culture, promoted, promoted and organized the «Community Artistic Workshops», with the purpose of incetivar processes of identity, dialogue and human and social transformation, during the current administration between artists, communities and the Municipal Council.
The Community Cultural Development was the main methodology of the activities promoted by the SeCultura Morelia, through it, the artistic activity transformed the eventual and the aesthetic to transcend as part of the human formation of the participants.
Through the Community Artistic Workshops, different processes of training, non-formal artistic education and cultural development were undertaken and carried out to strengthen cultural cycles, practices and identities. Among the most outstanding workshops are the permanent workshops of Guitar, Chess, Wind Band, Traditional Music, Latin Rhythms, Community Theater, Community Children’s Choirs and Summer of Wellness. Thanks to these cultural practices, 83 workshops were held, a total of 3,673 students of all ages were attended.
Likewise, special workshops were held such as those of Barrio con Corazón, Laudería, Audiovisual Production, Dance, Theater and Literature, among which are great teachers who with their career have been recognized nationally and internationally, who shared with the artists and Morelian society their knowledge and creation processes.
The diversity of workshops held included from musical improvisation with recycled materials, to theater with a gender perspective for women, to the strengthening of identity processes among residents of Morelia, with Traditional Wind Bands, or the elaboration of traditional toys to celebrate creativity in the family and the performing arts.
The Municipal Government endorsed its commitment to the citizens, ql boosting society with the different creative and production processes that were taught in the workshops, which was part of the Transformation of Morelia.

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