translated from Spanish: The promotion to FMS Argentina 2021/22 has already been defined

We already face the second half of the year and, from Urban Roosters, they announced the almost one hundred competitions that will add points for the promotion to the Freestyle Master Series Argentina.En this opportunity not only follows Uruguay as part of the promotion to the national league, but also shortened the gap between the interior and Capital Federal: 20 of the 23 Argentine provinces have at least one competition associated with the Rap Freestyle Federation.Like the other years, the competitions will be divided, depending on their importance in the competitive circuit, into four different ranges. Go through them.
Rank 1

Red Bull Battle Argentina
Red Bull Battle Uruguay
Federation Cup

Rank 2

Rank 3

The Rise
Titantes of the Coast
The Jungle Deluxe
Olympus Freestyle
Rap Culture
Koliseo Freestyle
Amsterdam Free Deluxe
Federal Cup Cuyo
Southern Cup
Shaolin Battles
Elite Free
The Deluxe Axis
Hydra Cup
Columba Freestyle
Dark Jail Deluxe
Gold Battle Argentina
Cup Sculpting Rhymes
Gold Cup
Freestyle Dragons
Hip Hop Mission 

Rank 4

Sucre LDF
Italy Freestyle
The Jungle Free
DNG Free
Rapper Invasion
Warriors Of Freestyle
Las Vegas Freestyle
Anti PO
Ice Bars
Brown Circuit
Kazaka Free
Rap Soldier
The Double H
BAMM Freestyle
The Freestyle Well
Lov Freestyle
Desli Free
War Mills
Missionary Pangae
Lomas Under
Ezeiza Under
St. Louis Freestyle
Raw Freestyle
MDZ Freestyle
Free Chain Breaker
Diago Free
Kilometer 0
Call of Freestyle
Asphalt Talents
Rap 360
Patagonian Rails
Free Growth
Madero Freestyle
Punta de Rieles
BL Freestyle
San Justo Under
Coastal League
The Axis of Rhyme
Galaxy Freestyle
Real Sur Under
Life Freestyle
Sculpting Rhymes
Gold Rhymes
West Under League
Looking for The Punch
Free Bars
Underground Lyrics
Monu Free
Freestyle Free Zone
Merlina League
Throne of the Coast
The Last Rapper
Freestyle League
Atlantis Free
Anda La Osa
Free Udelar
RRK Free
Under Lord
Street Dogs
Amsterdam Free

What is the promotion to FMS Argentina?
Like the other four FMS leagues, Argentina, each end of the season has a replacement. The last two of the table are relegated and leave the competition and the eighth place is played a Play-Off.And by whom are they replaced? For the first two of the promotion, that is, the two that have obtained the most points throughout the season competing in the events pointed out above. In turn, the third that has obtained the most points will be the one that faces the eighth place in the first league. In the Play-Off (promotion simile, speaking of football) they will face each other in FMS format and, whoever wins, will be the one who stays in the league.
The most recent examples are those of Larrix and Naista, who were promoted by being the ones who collected the most points during the 2020/21 season and Zaina, who beat MKS in the Play-Off.

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