translated from Spanish: He played a “Peronist” potato and exploded on social media

The tweeting community is accustomed to the indignation of its users, however a most unusual fact became tragicomic when seeing what happened to a neighbor of La Plata.The man began his disclaimer commenting on a personal situation and said: “I am separated, and I just had my children this week at home , so I went to a hyper city to make the monthly purchase. Among everything I bought, I brought a large bag of potatoes with shapes. In principle, from what I saw, they were faces.” Once ready to start cooking some chicken burgers that would accompany with these potatoes, he confesses that he was frozen: “I see the source, and the truth, I could not leave my amazement when I saw that potato with the shape of the V of the Peronist victory,” he said.

The user indicated that he had to see “two and three times the tray to be able to believe it”, since he was convinced that it was the shape of the two fingers in “V” that is usually seen in Peronist acts and symbols, in the potatoes intended to captivate the eyes of the youngest. Outraged by what he considered an act of indoctrination for children, who are the ones who most commonly consume this type of potatoes, he decided to turn to twitter to channel his stupor.” At first I smiled, then I thought it wasn’t right for children to be indirectly introduced to symbology whatever it was. It ended up looking like something unpleasant and in bad taste, not because of the taste, of course”, concluded Javier.It should be noted that the gesture of the “V” with the fingers of the hand has had several meanings throughout history, such as a symbol of peace and love in the seventies in the United States , at the height of hippism and youth revolution. Meanwhile, in our country the “V” began to be used by Peronist cadres after, on November 17, 1972, former President Juan Domingo Perón returned from exile and made that signal to his militants. Since then, that gesture in our country has become another sign within the Justicialist Party.

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