translated from Spanish: Undersecretary of the Interior after declaration of the Convention on pardon: “The signs have to be clear”

The undersecretary of the Interior, Juan Francisco Galli, criticized the decision of the Constitutional Convention to approve issuing a declaration to ask for the release of the detainees in the context of the social explosion and to speed up the processing of the pardon project and the demilitarization of the Wallmapu.According to Emol, the authority said that “I heard today in the Constituent Assembly people who said that people who are deprived of liberty had to be pardoned to give a sign les policies. What are the political signals? Are we going to declare unpunished those who went in to loot a hardware store and beat the workers there? Are we going to declare those who attacked motorists yesterday unpunished? Are we going to declare unpunished those who seeded firearms and attacked police barracks yesterday? I think the signals have to be clear.” Galli emphasized that “neither those who yesterday used Molotov bombs or looted commercial premises, nor those who did so on the occasion of the social upheaval are political prisoners.” It is therefore up to us to pursue, arrest and bring to justice those who commit crimes and particularly those who commit violent crimes. It is violence that we have to eradicate from our social coexistence,” he said.

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