translated from Spanish: A man is killed in the municipality of Huandacareo, Michoacán

home safety A man is killed in the municipality of Huandacareo, Michoacán

Huandacareo, Michoacan .- In an agricultural property in the municipality of Huandacareo, a man was found dead and was seen impacted by a firearm projectile, police sources reported.
The body lay near the premises of a school located in the town of San Cristobal. It was learned that some people located the deceased during the afternoon of this Thursday and immediately alerted the Police.
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Data obtained in the news work revealed that the interfecto – who is not identified – was approximately 28 years old, had white skin, wavy and discolored hair; in addition, he wore a blue pants with white stripes on the sides. As a particular sign, the deceased has a tattoo on the back of the neck with the legend “CREED”.
Local patrolmen arrived at the site where the victim was and delimited the perimeter, then the elements of the Attorney General’s Office (FGE) began the corresponding investigations and transferred the body to the morgue for the practice of the autopsy of law.

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