translated from Spanish: Alberto Fernández leads the ceremony for Independence Day

President Alberto Fernández will lead today from 12 the central act for the commemoration of the 205th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in the city of San Miguel de Tucumán, where he will travel with the first lady, Fabiola Yañez. At the Benjamín Matienzo airport, Governor Juan Manzur will wait for him and together they will go to the Historic House, where they will be received by the Minister of Culture, Tristan Bauer; the wife of the Governor, Sandra Mattar Sabio and the director of the place, María Cecilia Guerra. 

After the musical performance of the Rolando ‘Chivo’ Valladares Youth Orchestra, visitors will go to the Sala de la Jura where they will pay tribute to the heroes of July 9, 1816. There, the Head of State will lay a wreath and sign the book of illustrious visitors. In the second courtyard, the President will greet essential workers and employees of the Historic House. Finally, it is planned to hoists the flag and intonation of the National Anthem in the third courtyard of the Historic House, where the provincial president and the Head of State will speak.In what will be the last activity in the province, President Fernández and the First Lady will visit the Ruins of the Quilmes where they will hold a meeting with the Council of Elders.
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