translated from Spanish: Constitutional Convention to resume sessions on Tuesday

With the approval of a declaration to request the pardon of the prisoners of the outbreak and the Mapuche detainees, the third session of the Constitutional Convention ended, which began at 10 a.m. on Thursday and which had as its main objective, to decide whether the instance should make such a declaration.See also Convention approved declaration by Mapuche prisoners and the outbreak: it asks for speed in process of law of pardon and withdrawal of complaints by Law of security At the end of the day, the conventional decided that for administrative reasons, they will not meet on Fridays and Mondays, and that they will resume work on Tuesday at 09.30 hours, where among the matters to be dealt with , will be the Covid protocol that will be applied. In the third session, the convention members presented their arguments in the morning, for and against the declaration, pointing out to the most conservative sectors that it was not within the competence of the Convention to issue statements of this nature, to those who raised the existence of political prisoners and that this did affect the development of the Convention.After noon , the conventional ones were given a break for the articulation of the proposals of declaration, of which two were received by the table, one drafted by the PC-FA and the socialist constituents and another by the members of the People’s List.After reviewing both statements and submitting them to a vote, the declaration of the PC-FA and socialists was imposed on the other proposal in a second vote , where he achieved an absolute majority with 105 preferences.  

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