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Morelia, Michoacan .- “Nobody in their right mind voted for the return of that corrupt government, which today is still observed with the pending complaints for diversions of resources of more than 350 million pesos,” said Ivan Perez Negron Ruiz, who reiterated that he will go to the last consequences to overturn the election of Morelia.
In a collective interview, Perez Negron said that he will be very attentive to what the courts determine regarding the challenge filed against Alfonso Martinez Alcazar.
“We are going to be very attentive, it is the instruction that I have, in order that the morelianos have the full certainty of who was the one who obtained the victory in the polls; here it is not a question of personal ambitions, nor excessive, it is simply that the law is complied with,” he said.
He explained that what is needed is that there is full respect for the law, “I do not ask for it as a candidate but as a citizen, as a federal deputy of Morena because we want the electoral process of 2021 to be totally transparent,” he said.
He said that this time the indiscriminate use of spending, the purchase of votes, and irregularities that are substantiated are being reviewed, first against Alfonso Martinez, as well as against the person who participated as his candidate for municipal trustee.

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