translated from Spanish: Juan José Parada, brother of Javiera Parada, in the Jadue strip: “I feel for the first time that things can be different”

This Friday’s electoral slot was marked by the participation of Juan Jose Parada, brother of Javiera Parada, in the campaign of the presidential candidate of the Communist Party (PC) candidate, Daniel Jadue.
In the video, Parada appears with his son and tells the story of the murder of his father, José Manuel Parada in 1985, as part of the Degollados case. “The images in my memory are confusing. I remember the screams, a voice asking for water, and then nothing else.”
“That afternoon my mother had the impossible task of telling us that my father had been found dead, slit his throat, lying with two companions near a ditch on the edge of Amerigo Vespucci. All three were killed by the Carabineros de Chile,” he said.
Continuing with his account, he maintained that “on October 18, 2019, everything changed. Watching my son grow up, I feel for the first time that things can be different, that the struggle of so many years finally makes sense. I think of the comrades who lost their eyes, of all those who are imprisoned awaiting trials without evidence, of all those who are fighting to regain our taken away dignity. And I can only thank those who did not give up.”
On the other hand, Juan José Parada’s sister, Javiera Parada, participated in the fringe of the evópoli candidate, Ignacio Briones.
The campaign of the candidate of Renewal (RN) Mario Desbordes, was focused on this occasion on the water crisis, proposing the National Water Plan to face it. Independent candidate Sebastian Sichel emphasized unity and his campaign slogan “of course you can.”
Meanwhile, the candidate of the UDI, Joaquín Lavín, emphasized on this occasion on SMEs, proposing a minimum wage of 500 thousand pesos for each Chilean, complementing the minimum wage with the help of the State. He also proposed a universal basic income of 100 thousand pesos.
Finally, it was the turn of Gabriel Boric (Frente Amplio), who placed the emphasis on the elderly and on a proposal for a new pension model and a plurinational state.

Video via Youtube: Manuel Araos

Original source in Spanish

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