translated from Spanish: 86 years after the birth of Mercedes Sosa, unreleased material from “Cantora” was premiered.

This July 9, coinciding with his date of birth, the last of the 22 unreleased videos of “Cantora”, the album that Mercedes recorded with great artists of the world, was premiered. Owner of a voice that would captivate audiences from different countries and idiosyncrasies, “La Negra” lives on every song she performed. Thus, since June 9 of this year, unreleased videos of the songs that made up the legendary album “Cantora”, originally released in 2009, have been published. This audiovisual material is available for the first time on the artist’s official YouTube channel. Soledad Pastorutti recalls about that meeting: “For any artist without a doubt, it is a godsend to sing with Mercedes Sosa. For me it means much more than that, it means meeting one of the strong women of root music, of my country and of Latin America. I felt like we were hugging and it was going to be a very special time for life. I will always remember that wink that Mercedes gave me and that legacy that he left me, and that he left us to so many of us who participated in this project”.

Caetano Veloso on the meeting: “It’s an honor for me that this has happened. The first time I saw Mercedes sing, on a stage in Rio, it was revealing for me. I knew her from her recordings and respected her. But when I heard it live, I was amazed. Afterwards, I tried to talk to her and since then we had few, but intense encounters, including a visit to her home in Buenos Aires, always listening carefully to that kind intonation of her way of speaking I am grateful to the destination for these events,” he said. These heartfelt words reaffirm the documentary and emotional value of all this new material, which is reflected in social networks through the comments of the musicians who participated in the album and the general public, grateful for this event.” Cantora” was Mercedes Sosa’s last album and summarizes the international reach of her voice and the respect of colleagues of all musical genres, not just Latin American folklore, which was her specialty. From that original film record, these 22 new videos could be made with the complete songs, along with each guest. All these artists wanted to sing with Mercedes, and they all sang. You can already enjoy all these videos:
Zone of promises with Gustavo Cerati
Disarm and bleed with Charly Garcia
The full moon with Rubén Rada and La Chilinga
Zamba to forget with Diego Torres
Swim with Maria Graña
The angel of the bicycle with Gustavo Cordera
Zamba del cielo with Fito Paez and Liliana Herrero
The Mace with Shakira
And so on with Luciano Pereyra
Those little things with Joan Manuel Serrat
I will never forget you with Marcela Morelo
Parao with Vicentico
Getting to know the barefoot with Julieta Venegas
Hymn of my heart with Leon Gieco
Reason to live with Lila Downs
Let life fly with Pedro Aznar
Novicia with Víctor Heredia
Song for a Child on the Street with René Perez (Resident)
That little musiquita with Teresa Parodi
Mud perhaps with Luis Alberto Spinetta
Coração Vagabundo with Caetano Veloso
Water, fire, earth and wind with Soledad

“Cantora” is the swan song that shows it in all its fullness, encouraging itself to break barriers and prejudices, demonstrating the unifying and healing power of music.

Original source in Spanish

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