translated from Spanish: SSP boasts security in Aguililla region with a thousand elements

Aguililla, Michoacan .- After several days of conflicts, the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) presumed that it incorporated a thousand more elements of the Michoacan Police, who will reinforce the operational work, surveillance and crime prevention.
Therefore, through a communique it was pointed out that the personnel carry out patrols in the road section that communicates with the municipality of Apatzingán, maintaining permanent actions to reestablish free traffic and thus guarantee the circulation of vehicles.
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In the same way, the elements will carry out surveillance work in order to safeguard the integrity and prevent the violation of the rights of the population, so that review points will be installed both in localities and strategic areas of the municipal capital.
These works are carried out jointly with federal authorities in order to meet the security needs demanded by the inhabitants.
In case of emergency, lines 911 and 089 operate 24 hours a day to provide timely responses

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