translated from Spanish: They killed with 5 bullets to a barra brava of Defense and Justice

A young man was killed by five bullets in the chest in the Buenos Aires district of Florencio Varela and investigators were trying to establish the motive for the crime, judicial sources reported today. Yesterday afternoon, the victim, identified as Norberto Sánchez (25), accused of being a barrabrava of Defense and Justice, was playing a football match when he was shot 5 times in the chest.
According to police sources, after the encounter, Sanchez remained with a small group, which was collecting money for a friend who was recently unemployed. The meeting went on and they began to eat some hamburgers, until at one point the young man retired to a deserted place to urinate. When he was left alone in the descmapado, he was approached by a person who without a word shot him five times in the chest, after which he escaped from the place without stealing any belongings from the victim, judicial sources said. Sánchez was rushed to Evita Pueblo Hospital in Berazategui, where he eventually died of gunshot wounds. Experts from the Scientific Police and officers from the 4th precinct worked at the scene of the crime. of Bosques, who relayed the testimony of witnesses. Prosecutor Nuria Gutiérrez, in charge of the decentralized Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 4 of Florencio Varela, intervenes in the case, who ordered a series of measures aimed at clarifying the motive for the crime and find the murderer.

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