translated from Spanish: Claudio Bravo:»The goodbye to the ‘Red’ I have in my head for a long time»

The goalkeeper of the Chilean national team and Real Betis of Spain, Claudio Bravo, referred to his future in the national team, assuring that for «a long time» he has in his head to say goodbye to the ‘Team of All’, with which he won two Copa America.The trained in Colo Colo clarified from the outset that he still does not think about hanging up the gloves , but that the farewell of the ‘Red’ has haunted his mind for quite some time.» I have the goodbye in my head for a long time. But I will be the first to realize when I have to leave my activity, when I will not be in the national team, or when the day comes when I knock on the door at a club and say that this is where my path came,» he said in a conversation with La Tercera. And it happens to me today, in the importance of feeling good, feeling useful, that I’m still a contributing player. When I don’t feel those things, I’ll be the first to step aside. That is more than clear to me. It can be in a year, two, three or I don’t know when. That will be determined by my body, my head and my environment,» he added. Asked about the possibility that he says ‘no more’ in the combined after the World Cup in Qatar, to get to qualify the team of Martin Lasarte, Bravo indicated that «it depends. It’s a bit like this America’s Cup. Mauricio (Island) put me in trouble in a live and I told him that if we won the Cup I would feel that feeling of fullness that I had a while ago winning the two Copa America and it was a good time to say ‘look, that’s it. We’ll leave it here.’ But I think we were all left with the feeling that we have to keep helping, get Chile back into a World Cup. Whether it’s the occasion or not will be determined by time.» Regarding the option of returning to Chilean football, viluco said that «I don’t know. It depends on time, on desires. Today I’m very good and we’ll see what the future holds: if it’s here in Chile, if it’s outside. We’ll see where it’s time to be. I just want to be okay, be happy, be a contribution.» Finally, the former FC Barcelona and Manchester City do not rule out the possibility of becoming a coach after retirement. «I keep thinking a lot, evaluating things. I don’t close myself to anything. But it’s something I like, it fills me up. I’ll take the time to decide whether it’s because of this or something else. Now, these last years, I want to dedicate myself to enjoying my profession, where I have to be at the level of selection and club. I want, these years, to have fun.»

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