translated from Spanish: It overflows river in Tacuro; water and mud sweep away everything in its path

Chilchota, Michoacan.- The indigenous community of Santa Maria Tacuro belonging to the municipality of Chilchota suffered the ravages of a strong storm that occurred the afternoon of the previous Saturday, in which the river that crosses through the town and streams overflowed, coupled with the drainage system collapsed and mudslides flooded dozens of homes. In the midst of the emergency a family was swept away by the current and fortunately inhabitants managed to put them to safety.
It all began with a heavy rain that was felt in the area of La Cañada, where quickly the mudslides and water saturated drainage networks, rivers and streams of the community, causing that in a matter of minutes the current reached up to a meter high and invaded the interior of the houses.
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Those affected tried to cope with the contingency with what they had at their fingertips, however the devastating force of the water began to wreak havoc everywhere, where what hours before were streets, became rivers that dragged everything in their path, including vehicles and people.
The villagers came together to rescue a family that was swept away by the current and using ropes managed to get them to safety. A man, his pregnant wife and their two minor children who were initially reported missing by their loved ones, minutes later thanks to the solidarity of the people managed to be located and taken out of the water and mud that had trapped them.

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