translated from Spanish: The most nefarious slogan

I have commented several times on matters relating to the French Revolution of 1789 which made the guillotine famous, with which many murders were made and which radically disrupted the political and social life of the Western world, almost immediately and the whole world more gradually, using the many ideological traps that supply the destructive ‘liberalism’, whose unchanging task is to annihilate Christian civilisation. One of those traps is a veritable arsenal of tempting and attractive ideas derived from the revolutionary SLOGAN of 1789: “liberty, equality, fraternity”, which seems very tender, just and humanitarian, precisely to deceive and manipulate the ignorant who the Jews call “the useful fools”, such as the “reformers” who made the absurd “Constitution” of 1857 , such as Juárez, Ocampo, Prieto, Degollado and the Lerdo de Tejada brothers, whose nefarious work exerted enormous influence on the following “useful fools”, who in turn made the mamotreto of the “Constitution” of 1917, supposed fundamental law of Mexico that, under the same revolutionary hallucinatory SLOGAN, gave rise to the rotten political system that we still have, now with the novel “fourth transformation” , concocted and directed by a mentally retarded who is López Obrador.
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