translated from Spanish: Ana Kasparian: “You can’t tell me how to live my life according to your religion”

In the last few hours, Ana Kasparian’s reflection, host and producer, on her strong stance on abortion in relation to religion went viral again: she took aim at Christianity, her speeches and the Bible. The speech is from November 2018, but went viral again as it represents what many believe about the Church and respect for those who do not belong to it.” I don’t care if you’re a Christian. In fact, I’m going to fight for you to have religious freedom and practice your Christianity. I believe in that, but I don’t believe in Christianity and that means you can’t tell me how to live my life based on your religion,” the journalist said.
On those women who follow this religion, she said: “All women who identify with your religion have every right in the world not to have an abortion or to use contraceptives, but they have no rights to dictate my life or what I decide to do with my body. I don’t care about your damn religion.” I’m tired of having endless conversations about what the Bible says. I lived your life according to how you interpret the Bible, I don’t care. But you can’t take the Bible and say to me, ‘The Bilbia says this, this chapter this and such a verse…’ I don’t care, I don’t believe in it and I have the right not to believe in it,” Kasparian said.

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