translated from Spanish: Jeanine Áñez, former president of Bolivia, denied a free appeal

La Paz .- A judge on Monday denied an appeal that had made the defense of the former interim president of Bolivia Jeanine Áñez to be able to defend herself in freedom to serve tomorrow four months in pretrial detention for the so-called “coup d’etat” case. Antonio Amaru, first judge of criminal investigation in the city of El Alto, denied the request of Áñez’s defense, which seeks to allow him to defend himself in freedom, for lack of a resolution on the extension of pretrial detention, an issue that was denied by the lawyers of the former president.” The judge pointed out the lack of a document (court decision) without which his case could not be analyzed. However, he sent it, or he did not observe it,” Alain de Canedo, one of the lawyers for the former interim president, told Efe. Read more: Politicians and artists applaud protests against Cuba’s current government The judge’s decision ratified the measure to extend the pretrial detention from four to six months of Jeanine Áñez, who is in a prison facility in the city of La Paz.” Today they are once again denying the former constitutional president #JeanineAñez her right to defend herself in freedom. The extension of pre-trial detention from 4 to 6 months is illegal. #liberenaJeanine #Bolivia”, is the message that appears on Áñez’s social networks, which are managed by people around him. Áñez was apprehended on March 13 in her home region, the Amazonian Beni, and then taken to La Paz in a military plane and under heavy police guard. Read more: President of Cuba thanks AMLO for support; will accept humanitarian aid from MexicoThe former interim president is accused of sedition and terrorism during the 2019 crisis that led to the resignation of Evo Morales from the Presidency of Bolivia and that the ruling party considers to be a “coup d’etat.” On March 14, 2021, the former president #JeanineAñez was remanded in custody for 4 months, which will be held tomorrow, July 13. Today he is once again being denied his right to freedom. His defense will insist until justice is achieved for his health and his innocence #liberenaJeanine #Bolivia,” Áñez added in his message. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, at the latest, we will be presenting again the Action of Freedom (habeas corpus) and with the requested resolution”, said De Canedo.Read more: Protests in Cuba: celebrities such as Gloria Estefan and William Levy ask for humanitarian aid for the IslandÁñez is also prosecuted in other cases such as the so-called massacres of Sacaba and Senkata in 2019 for which he is accused of genocide,In addition, in Parliament there are other accusatory proposals for the authorization of a loan with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) without the endorsement of the Legislature, the approval of a decree against freedom of expression and the extension of the concession of the Public Service of Registration of Commerce.Por the case called “coup d’etat” , which arose from the complaint of a former parliamentarian of the ruling Movement to Socialism (MAS), two of Áñez’s former ministers and several former police and military chiefs are also in pretrial detention. Read more: Learn the reasons why protests broke out in Cuba

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