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Morelia, Michoacán.- The Government of Morelia, headed by the municipal president, Humberto Arróniz Reyes, in collaboration with the Center for Innovation and Agrifood Development of Michoacán A.C. (CIDAM), signed an agreement for the coordination of actions to benefit MSMEs and local producers of prepackaged goods with the program of “Certification and Nutrition Labeling of Food and Beverages” , with which the municipal economy was strengthened, from the promotion of the competitiveness of the local economic units belonging to the agro-industrial chain, they reported in a statement.
The promotion of local producers and entrepreneurs through innovation was a priority in the Government of Morelia during this 2018-2021 administration, so more than 50 MSMEs benefited, which through the Secretariat of Economic Development accessed the certification of their products opening the opportunity to articulate them to new business marketing networks and generate an increase in the income of the producers of the capital.
The target population of the “Certification and Labelling” programme were MSMEs and local producers belonging to the beverage and processed food chain.
With these actions, the Government of Morelia, consolidated an area of wide relevance and agro-industrial vocation and gave local products an added value and greater competitiveness, which contributed to the transformation of the municipality.

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