translated from Spanish: Camilo released the remix of “KESI” with Shaw Mendes

Canadian pop star Shaw Mendes teamed up with Colombian singer-songwriter Camilo for the remix of the song “Kesi.” The release of the song became a trend on Twitter and already has more than 800 thousand views on You Tube.La original song, which is part of the album “Mis Manos”, has 36 million views on You Tube and has sounds rooted in the traditional champeta, a genre that originates on the coast of Colombia.
“I never thought about doing a remix until one of my favorite artists, Shawn Mendes, proposed it to me directly. Being a big fan of his music, the pure idea of hearing him singing in Spanish is something that made me very excited,” Camilo said in a statement. On the other hand, Mendes expressed, in a statement, the experience of collaborating with the author of “Tutu”: “My favorite part of working with Camilo is to be around him, his energy is contagious and beautiful. When we met there was an immediate click, and I feel like it’s a lot easier to work with someone once you feel like you’re friends with them. You get much more excited about the launch,” Mendes said in a statement. This release comes as Camilo embarks on his “Mis Manos Tour,” which began in Spain and includes 16 sold-out dates in the U.S. And Puerto Rico.

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