translated from Spanish: Kreplak on the dismissal in the Qunita case: “Lies fall”

“At least you can see that there is some justice because we had been going through six years thinking that there wasn’t. It is good to know that all lies fall down even though a lot of time was lost, money, thousands of families were harmed but hey, the truth always comes to be known,” deputy minister Nicolas Kreplak said this morning in statements to Radio Diez.Kreplak, who was among the defendants, made statements after yesterday the Federal Oral Court 1 dismissed for “no crime” all the defendants in the case for the Qunita Plan that investigated alleged irregularities in the provision of kits for newborns. Among those dismissed are also the former cabinet chief, Aníbal Fernández; the Minister of Health of Buenos Aires, Daniel Gollán, as well as businessmen who provided the supplies for the kit. Kreplak recalled today that among the “inconsistencies they said, Graciela Ocaña went so far as to say that the cribs (that came in the kit) were defunded, when it comes to a cradle that is supported on the floor” and ironically said: “I don’t know, unless there is a black hole on the floor.” In this context, the Buenos Aires official described the former health minister as a “professional liar.” He also said that the accusation of “former Kirchnerist officials made by the press” about the defendants had to do “only with three people who were civil servants when the rest of the defendants were permanent plant workers and their personal lives were also affected because, in addition, those of us who are dedicated to health, do not go through this type of situation.” The plan not only reduced sudden death from childcare but mothers had to do checks and that also reduced child motherhood,” he said and considered that “if the expertise had been done to know if there would be overprice or not, the cause would have fallen in a year.” The Court decided yesterday to issue the dismissals after a ruling by the trial prosecutor Gabriela Baigun, in favor of granting the exception of lack of action for lack of crime. This decision was taken as a result of an expert opinion ordered in the so-called “supplementary instruction” preparatory to the oral trial that resulted in no harm to the State Nacional.La prosecutor’s office “understood that the new evidence incorporated into the case” allowed “to rule out that the National Public Tender No. 4/2015 had generated an economic damage to the National State, as well as that the bidding procedure had been directed in favor of the winning companies”, recalled the Court in its ruling to which Telam had access.In addition, the prosecutor mentioned that, if those technical and accounting experts ordered by the Oral Court had been carried out during the investigation of the case, it would not have reached the trial stage. Daniel Gollan’s Anger
Buenos Aires Health Minister Daniel Gollan lashed out on social media against TN, the main channel opposed to the government, and after accepting and granting them an interview, they imposed a condition on him that made the official explode in anger.

I was offered a note on @todonoticias, but they refuse to talk about Qunita. Hundreds of hours and covers were devoted to the subject when the goal of journalists turned “legal experts” was to sustain lies and deceit. Nothing now. This is “independent” journalism — Daniel Gollan (@DrDanielGollan)
July 17, 2021

“They offered me a note in @todonoticias, but they refuse to talk about Qunita,” the official said.

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