translated from Spanish: Paula Narváez: “We hope to have our own primary, where those who cannot attend the elections tomorrow feel summoned”

The center-left, with Constituent Unity, will not be on the ballot for the presidential primaries on Sunday, in which I approve dignity and Chile Vamos will participate.
The bloc is working to try to reach the presidential elections of November 21 and prepares citizen elections digitally, for August 14 to define a standard-bearer or standard-bearer together.
The proposal of citizens’ elections of Unidad Constituyente aims to carry a single candidate in the November vote, but the result of these votes does not exclude the participation of the candidates in the official presidential ballot.
“We hope to have our own primary, where those who tomorrow can not attend the primary elections feel summoned and summoned, these are very important because they deepen our democracy, that was the origin of the legal primaries,” said the presidential candidate of the Socialist Party (PS) Paula Narváez, after participating in a day of conversation with the residents of Bajos de Mena , in the municipality of Puente Alto.
“Unfortunately, we were not able to participate in these primaries —on July 18—, not because of our decision, but we are working to have our own sector primaries,” he added.
Meanwhile, radical party presidential candidate Carlos Maldonado recalled that they hope to do the right thing, “better late than never.”
In the DC, the calculations of a group of representatives, who know closely the work of Yasna Provoste, and who preferred to leave their names in reserve, says that although the president of the Senate has done a job that bets indelibly to be the presidential card of her pact, the decision to go or not , depends in large part on this Sunday’s results.

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