translated from Spanish: Young man is found lifeless in a commercial premises

home safety Young man is found lifeless in a commercial premises

Morelia, Mich. – A young man was found dead inside a commercial premises known as “Pequeño Mundo”, located in the Ventura Puente neighborhood in this city of Morelia. Police sources told this newsroom that the boy apparently tried to enter the establishment to steal, but slipped perished from a fall.
The business in reference is on Avenida Vicente Santa María María almost corner with Lago de Cuitzeo street. The owners of the place arrived early to open and found the young man lying on the ground and motionless on a blood stain, so they called some local paramedics, who upon arrival checked the boy and confirmed his death.
Voices close to the matter told this newsroom that it is presumed that the young man climbed on the roof of a building next to the business where he was found dead and then entered the store, but slipped and fell to the ground from several meters high, at which point he died when he hit his head against the ground. They also added that the deceased is unknown.
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The staff of the Attorney General’s Office went to the area to carry out the legal proceedings. The body was transferred to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service for the practice of the autopsy of rigor, where it is expected that his loved ones will come to claim it.

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