translated from Spanish: They advance for tomorrow the payment of the IFE Universal corresponding to June

The Minister of Social Development, Karla Rubilar, announced on Monday that from Tuesday, July 20, the Universal Emergency Family Income (IFE) will begin to be paid, corresponding to the second registration process in June.
This payment corresponds to those who registered between June 21 and 30 to receive the benefit, so the money will reach more than 6.9 million households and more than 14.6 million people.
This benefit also includes retroactive payments for those people who applied for the IFE in June without having completed their file in the Social Registry of Households (RSH).
In this regard, Minister Rubilar maintained that “it is very important to be able to advance the processes, mainly those related to the delivery of benefits such as the IFE Universal.” He added that “we know that families urgently need these financial supports.”
IFE amounts
For a household of one person, the amount to be paid is 177,000 pesos, 287,000 for a family of two, and 400,000 for a household of three people. The figure rises to 500,000 for a group of 4 people.
Almost 80 thousand people will receive the benefit of the IFE. Most of these payments will be made by means of an electronic transfer.

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