translated from Spanish: 30% of sellers withdraw from Las Riberas in Culiacan

Sinaloa .- Due to the low sales that are taking place in the stalls that are located in las Riberas park in Culiacan, only 70 percent is currently working, lamented Hector Sicairos Camacho, president of the Union of merchants of the park. He explained that although an indication has not been officially issued by the city of Culiacan to withdraw when the new sanitary measures for the parks are announced, some have decided to stop working because of the few profits that are being generated, in addition to the risk of being in contact with people daily due to the high number of covid-19 infections.
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He regretted that the problem lies in the fact that although the merchants, some because they are elderly can not work because of the pandemic, they have to pay the weekly fee that goes from 300 to 3 thousand pesos depending on the turn of the position, this because it was announced some time ago by the municipality that whoever stops granting the quota two weeks loses the possibility of working in this area , which he claimed is not legally substantiated. Read more: Nurses in Culiacan say they are called to work despite being risky staff”They put on leave that if you stop going two weeks you lose your permit, which is not legally based, but if you stop going because you got sick, because of the rains or whatever, they go, they charge , and you are not, and the second time your permit is cancelled,” he said.

He specified that currently there are a total of 83 permits that have been registered as an association, of which just under 80 are active, however, the city council has the registration of almost 100 permits granted, of which the holder is unknown because they have years without being installed.

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