translated from Spanish: Independiente said goodbye to the South American with a draw against Santos

Independiente returned to Buenos Aires with a bad image left in Brazil in which Santos was left with a tight and deserved victory. On the return and the chance to be able to refloat the disadvantage, he completely changed his face but did not reach him to be able to get into the top eight. In the first half, he had all the chances to equalize the series, mainly at the feet of Alan Velasco, Sebastián Palacios and Silvio Romero, but he wasted them and Santos, in a counter in which Juan Manuel Insaurralde failed, broke the zero with a definition towards the net of Kaio Jorge.
Already in the complement and just started, there was a controversial play in which the referee charged foul and sanctioned with yellow card to the “Chaco” Insaurralde, but after the intervention of the VAR changed it to red in a decision that gave to speak. A few minutes later, Lucas González scored the equalizer by grabbing a rebound in the area, but Independiente needed three goals for the classification. However, they did not reach the send-off to get closer to the result they needed to continue in the tournament in the end. Before the final whistle, the “Rojo” finished with nine men for the expulsion of Sergio Barreto and thus sentenced his presence in this Copa Sudamericana. Now he’s thinking about the local tournament where he will face Estudiantes de La Plata in UNO.

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