translated from Spanish: The price of meat rose 90.3% in one year

The price of beef continued to rise, despite the thirty-day restriction on exports between May and June. In this way, last month had an average increase of 7.7%, which in the last twelve months reached 90.3%. The report of the Institute for the Promotion of Argentine Beef (IPCVA) highlights that the strip roast had an increase of 4.5% in the month, but that in comparison with June of last year it led the rises among all cuts with 101.5% to $701.91 per kilo. For its part, the loin (the most expensive cut), had an average price of $987.41 in June, with a monthly increase of 8.6% and year-on-year of 86.6%. Increases in meat exceeded both in June and in the year-on-year measure the general level of inflation and also that of the food and non-alcoholic beverages category, doubling it in some cases.

In addition to the strip roast, six other cuts recorded increases of more than 90.3% on average in the last twelve months: skirt (97.6%), tortuguita (97.3%), vacuum (97%), square (95.7%), osobuco (95.2%) and the buttock cap (90.7%). In the same sense, the two main substitutes for beef, chicken and pork breast, also showed year-on-year increases higher than inflation, respectively of 64.8% and 63.7%, although lower than the rest of the cuts. Among the reasons for the increase in meat is the fall in production levels, 5.48% below the levels of the first half of last year.
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