translated from Spanish: Lynda Carter turns years old and we review her career to celebrate it

Lynda Carter was born in Arizona on July 24, 1951. After winning several beauty contests, came what would be the role that would mark her life and that of so many generations.

After a series of castings in which she fought hand-to-hand with several actresses, including Joanna Cassidy (Blade Runner), with whom she shared some physical traits, she managed to land the role of Wonder Woman.

Carter said she got the role in 1975 largely because she looked like Wonder Woman, which was a blessing and, as one of the show’s producers warned her, a curse. The series Wonder Woman ran for three seasons, airing on ABC and then CBS from 1975 to 1979.In an interview with Smithsonian News, Carter said, “There’s something about the character that made my mind pretend to be her, to the extent that, in whatever the situation, I felt like I could fly.” Her performance was so iconic that unlike other superheroes for decades it was impossible to associate another actress with this character. Today that post has Gal Gadot who in 2017 came back to give life to the character. Following her role as Wonder Woman, she made other films and several appearances in television series, many of which allowed her to remain connected to the Marvel Universe.

In addition to being an actress, Lynda is a singer. On September 11, 2011 she made her appearance for the first time on Mexican television, during the Sunday show La Academia produced by Tv Azteca, in which she sang Let the Good Times Roll, accompanied in the choir by some students.

In 2018 Carter admitted to being harassed and raped during her career, though she avoided mentioning the assailant and under what circumstances the incident occurred. He hinted at who it was when he said the subject has already been charged by the Me too movement.

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