translated from Spanish: Presidential Delegation decrees environmental preemergence for the Metropolitan Region for this Friday

The Metropolitan Regional Presidential Delegation of Santiago decreed for this Friday Environmental Preemergence in the Metropolitan Region, given the bad weather conditions that affect the capital.
For this day, the Meteorological Directorate of Chile foresees a cyclonic circulation on the surface and approach of trough in height, there being a probability of advection of coastal air towards the southern sector of the RM basin.
“The regional authorities made a special appeal to the inhabitants of the region to respect the measures decreed with this Critical Episode of Pollution, especially the prohibition of the use of wood-fired heaters and wood derivatives (including pellets) throughout the Metropolitan region as well as agricultural burns. Measures that will be heavily monitored by the Seremi de Salud RM and the Services of the Seremi de Agricultura Metropolitana, SAG and CONAF,” they said in a statement.
Due to this, the following restrictions will apply for this day:

Vehicle restriction for cars With Green Seal (Previous September 2011): Vehicles finished in 6-7 may not circulate between 07:30-21:00 hours, inside the Amerigo Vespucci Ring.
Permanent restriction of transit to the interior of the Ring Amerigo Vespucci to all vehicles Without Green Seal. The restriction is added to 6 digits outside the Ring (Province of Santiago plus the communes of Puente Alto and San Bernardo).
Cars without a green seal and motorcycles with patents ending in: 6-0-1-2-3-4-5 cannot circulate outside the Ring between 07:30 and 21:00 hours.

In addition, the use of wood-burning heaters and agricultural burning is prohibited.

Original source in Spanish

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