translated from Spanish: Man is shot in the gap of the Rio Nuevo

Zamora, Michoacan .- Between life and death is struggling an unknown man, after being shot twice in the head in the head, as in most cases the perpetrators fled with uncertain direction.
According to information gathered in the news coverage, it was established that on Friday afternoon, the C5i personnel were alerted to an assault with firearms in the New River Gap, in the vicinity of the colony of the same name.
Elements of security corporations from the three levels of government mobilized to the aforementioned place and confirmed that there was a man as a result of the attack, so they asked for the support of paramedics.
Minutes later, rescue and rescue rescuers arrived and provided first aid to the victim and channeled him to a local hospital, as he had at least impacts on the head.
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At the time the identity of the victim is unknown, it could only be seen that he was wearing black denim pants, a blue plaid shirt.
This fact was brought to the attention of the staff of the Attorney-General’s Office, whose agents and experts were responsible for undertaking the corresponding investigations.

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