translated from Spanish: Brazilian authorities investigate tens of thousands of irregular accesses to a third vaccine for Covid-19

The figure is an estimate prepared by the University of Alagoas based on the complaints that have been presented in the different prosecutors’ offices. In addition to these eleven states, health departments in four others have reported attempts by people who received two doses to achieve a third. Among the best-known cases is that of a couple from Belo Horizonte, in southern Brazil, who after achieving the complete coronavac guideline, traveled to Rio Novo, also the state of Minas Gerais, to receive a third of Pfizer.La Minas Gerais Prosecutor’s Office has filed a complaint and those involved could face a penalty of up to one million reais (about 163,000 euros) if they receive a new dose. It is not the only case that the state has registered, as the authorities are investigating another couple who would have received up to four doses, reports the newspaper ‘O Globo’. Those who commit such irregularities could face a crime of embezzlement or fraud, with financial penalties and even pressure. Despite the numbers, the Ministry of Health says it has not received any news about these cases. Its head, Marcelo Queiroga, settled the issue this week by stating that it is “a legal problem. My business is medicine.”

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