translated from Spanish: Laura Bozzo changes her look and looks much younger

Mexico.- The lawyer and television host of Peruvian origin Laura Bozzo decided to make a change of look with which she definitely looks much younger, this a few days after her 69 years of age, an occasion that stands out as very special. The TV star surprised his audience by sharing through Instagram photographs in which he is seen posing with a new look, despite always wearing a blonde mane, today he boasts an extra light blond tone that takes years off his back. In the images Laura is seen with much blonde hair than usual, an almost white tone that was wonderful and wearing a body adjusted in black that frames her curves and a figure of envy about to turn 70 years old. Read more: Official! Exatlón Mexico already has a premiere date for the fifth seasonAccording Laura Bozzo, this total change of look was made with the intention of looking for a new stage in her life in which many changes are coming, as well as many projects, which keeps her very excited. He also said that age is in the spirit and loves to start over from scratch, so he explains that he goes with everything. The publication reached 18 thousand likes and received very good comments, among which was the one of Maribel Guardia, who wrote: “You look beautiful”. Laura Bozzo not only received quite a few positive comments after her change of look, also many of her followers wrote to her with the intention of developing a new form of program for television in which she tells raw and real stories of the world, making it clear that among the Mexican public she has the crown.

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