translated from Spanish: Russia Accuses US Conflict of Interest in Pfizer Vaccine

Russia.- The developers of the Russian Covid-19 vaccine “Sputnik V” guaranteed that the antigen is effective against “all mutations” of the virus, including those from South Africa and India. In addition, to accuse conflict of interest on the part of an American researcher in the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.These statements come after an investigation in the United States revealed that the Russian biologic is not as effective against the Beta variant that emerged in South Africa.Today, the team of scientists who were in charge of the creation of Sputnik V maintained that “the study of the Gamaleya Institute”, which was published on July 12 in the journal “Vaccines”, demonstrates “the neutralizing titles of the virus protecting Sputnik V against all different mutations, including the South African variants and the Delta”. Read more: 57 migrants drown off the coast of LibyaThe study from the Mount Sinaí Hospital Medical School in the United States, which was published today in Nature Communications, says that while Russia’s antigen was shown to be effective against the UK’s Alpha variant, it is not so effective against Beta. The developers indicated that, according to the study published in “Vaccines”,”the neutralizing decrease of Sputnik V virus versus the South African variant was only 3.1 times compared to 7.9 to 40 times of the Pfizer vaccine.” They also emphasized that, in contrast to the study carried out by the Mount Sinaí Hospital School of Medicine, which used a virus that substituted vesicular stomatitis, the Gameleya Institute’s study used a real-world test model containing SARS-CoV-2.Read more: The United States maintains restrictions on entry into the country due to the extension of the delta variantThe U.S. team of researchers made use of the recombinant virus carrying spike protein mutations, which are found in the Beta and Alpha variants.Finally, the creators of Sputnik V point out that, in addition to this, one of the researchers from Mount Sinaí “has a conflict of interest due to his work as a consultant to Pfizer/BioNTech” , in addition to the fact that this inquiry did not study the Delta mutation, which is the predominant one at the international level. ‘Sing: Come and Sing’ and 6 other children’s movies available on YouTube

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