translated from Spanish: With a new batch of AstraZeneca, the country is approaching 42 million vaccines

A flight with more than 800,000 doses of AstraZeneca’s vaccine will arrive this afternoon. With this shipment, Argentina will have received 41,833,930 doses, of which more than 16 million arrived during this month. Latam Cargo Colombia flight UC1101 will land in Ezeiza at 6 p.m. This is the eighteenth trip so far this month. With the arrival of the flight from the United States, Argentina will have a total of 16,127,200 doses received during July: 1,141,000 of component 1 of Sputnik V and 603,000 of component 2; 2,883,200 from AstraZeneca and Oxford; 3,500,000 from Moderna; and from China, 8,000,000 from the Sinopharm laboratory.

Sinopharm’s Chinese laboratory has delivered the most vaccines to the country: 14,000,000; followed by Russia with Sputnik V with 11,868,830 (9,375,670 in component 1 and 2,493,160 in component 2); AstraZeneca Oxford whose active component is produced in the country, with 9,140,600 doses. In fourth place is Moderna with the arrival of 3,500,000 doses. The total table is 1,944,000 from AstraZeneca through the WHO COVAX mechanism and 580,000 from AstraZeneca-Covishield, produced in India.Since the start of the immunization campaign in December 2020, nearly 42 million doses have arrived in the country. The vaccination campaign in Argentina
According to data from the Public Vaccination Monitor, 52.7% of the population (23.7 million people) have already received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. Meanwhile, 13.2% (6 million people) were inoculated with both doses.

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